some poetry by Andy Levine


Will I drink tonight?

and watch the stars?

Will I wander the vast rivers

of death?

Sad natives mourning

on the banks,

black hair, heads bowed.

Will I reach that ultimate moment

and embrace my own finale

amidst  the singing,

the buzzing cosmic bees

and the cascading gems?

Is it my night to reset  the clock

and start again

born to rainforest parents

who know my true history

near the shinning lattice

and jeweled veins

of healing shuddering love?

I am given birth

by the trailing prisms

it is a gift

that I am returned

from the dead

beached on the shore

of this river.

I am caked in mud.

dormant and still

noticing that I breathe.

Will I visit my parents again

by a different hand

and awaken

once more

a tired child

without memory or regret?

For now the questions will wait

nourishing sleep beckons

and I won’t be late.






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