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A poem becomes a song, with music and voice by Lou Leo from the cd Lou Leo Sings the Electric Poet.


It was getting useless on the land
smog and filth
greed and speedLou Leo sings The Electric Poet
concrete and steel
traffic in ribbons and knots
frowning people in a jungle.

I had to have the water
engulf me in her tender cream.

In the water
everything is changed:
you feel the green
as you gaze up into blue
and the slice of evening moon
like a piece of silver cloud
so neatly splintered.
The land–
the structures and the buildings on the coast–
all man’s marvels look so futile from the wave.

from The Sounds of Chewing, copyright 2014, George Pereny

“Ocean” from Lou Leo Sings the Electric Poet, copyright George Pereny/Lou Leo, 2000,
available on