George Pereny (Bio)


George Pereny, a child of Holocaust survivors, was born in Budapest and escaped from Hungary during the 1956 Revolution.

Pereny taught English for forty-three years on the grammar, secondary, and college levels, with thirty-seven years in the inner city.

He was a writing student of Charles Angoff, Jim Klein, Michael O’Brien, and Robert Quatrone, all from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Pereny has been published in The English Journal, The Aquarian, and the top martial arts magazines. He has been nominated for the Pushcart and Editor’s Choice prizes. His poetry has appeared in four anthologies. He has also received Two Honorable Mention prizes from World of Poetry.

In 1975 Pereny was one of the founding editors of Lunch, a literary/art magazine. In 1977, Pereny founded Footwork, which went on to become Paterson Literary Review, and in 1980 Pereny was the editor of The Local Paper in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Pereny has published two books, Father Charlie: Reflecting the Master and Homeslice: A Teacher’s Journey, which has received commendations from Jonathan Galassi(Ferrar, Straus & Giroux) and Declan Spring(New Directions). He has also written several volumes of poetry, a children’s’ book, a screenplay, an autobiography, fiction, articles and songs. Pereny has been published approximately two hundred times in anthologies, magazines, newspapers, and an ezine. He has also read his poetry and played music on Cable TV.

Pereny has also been a songwriter/musician since the age of sixteen. His band was managed by Carl “Tinker” West, Bruce Springsteen’s first manager. In college, Pereny befriended Gerry Goffin of Goffin/King, two of the most successful songwriters in America. Through Goffin/King, Pereny became associated with Barry Mann, also a giant American songwriter. Pereny played drums for Gary US Bonds, met Vanilla Fudge, Alvin Lee, Mike Bloomfield, Buddy Miles, Bob Dylan, Laura Niro, Rashan Roland Kirk, Every Mother’s Son, and had dinner with Little Richard, whom he interviewed for The Aquarian.

As a songwriter. Pereny has five CDs out on, which are downloaded world-wide by servers like iTunes and Spotify. His songs have been played on four local radio stations, including Several artists have recorded his songs. Pereny has performed his poems and songs in the metro area since 1975, in clubs, libraries, coffee houses, hospitals, prison, soup kitchen, churches, book stores, libraries, farms, festivals, street fairs, and schools. Between 2004 and 2012, Pereny and his band The Electric Poet Gathering, did twenty-one successful shows at New York’s Bowery Poetry Club.

Pereny hosted an open mike at the Hackensack club The Fox’s Lair. From 1992-1995, Pereny founded and hosted a tremendously successful Open Mike in Pompton Lakes, NJ.

Pereny received an Apostolic Blessing and Endorsement from the Vatican for Rosza, his rock opera based on the Rosary. He has also receive two songwriting grants from ASCAP, to which he belongs.

Pereny has practiced martial arts for forty years, and created True Spirit Forms, an American martial system based on Judeo/Christian and Oriental principles. He has taught TSF at high schools and colleges for the last thirty years. He is also an assistant instructor at Wm C. C. Chen’s legendary Manhattan Tai-Chi Chuan studio.

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Featuring the writings and music of George Pereny, aka The Electric Poet/Grand Master P. Also featuring various art forms of friends and associates.

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